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Located in the in the heart of Ontario’s fruit growing region, our bees take advantage of Niagara’s milder climate and variety of nectar producing flowers. Honey flows begin with apple, cherry and peach blossoms, followed by clover, wildflowers, goldenrod, lavender and aster to create a unique blend of sweet flavours.

Owners Dennis and Leslie Edell raise healthy populous and gentle hives. Our queens are chosen from productive, gentle and disease-resistant stock sourced from professional queen breeders and from those we raise ourselves.

We extract and bottle honey ourselves on premise. Our raw honey is coarsely filtered leaving in pollen grains and never heated above 93F – approximately the temperature in the hive. In this way we feel we maximize the potential health benefits of 100% Ontario Honey.

We love keeping bees in our little corner of heaven on the bench in Jordan, Ontario. Come visit us. We hope you and your family will enjoy our honey as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.