About the Beekeeper

Dennis Edell started keeping bees on a farm in eastern Prince Edward Island in 1972. As part of a group of new young beekeepers, Dennis helped pioneer successful overwintering techniques on PEI and was one of the first beekeepers to rent bees to pollinate Island blueberries. After living in Toronto for 20 years, Dennis and Leslie bought their country home in Jordan in 2007 and bees were soon installed on the property.

Dennis serves on the board of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association and was an advisor to Niagara College on the design of their commercial beekeeping operation.

Buying Honey

D’s Bees Honey is available in 500gm, 1 kilo glass jars and 2.2 kilo pails directly from us by appointment or by accident. Please email us at deesbeeshoney@gmail.com to make sure we are home, for prices and directions. We are located at 2494 15th Street just a kilometre south of King Street where 15th Street ends at the escarpment.

We do not sell bulk honey or beeswax.

Our honey is also available at Chocolates Etc., 100 Welland Street in St. Catharines.